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Flipster is a digital magazine subscription. 
The magazines are full-text, with back issues available.  
Current magazines offered:
-Cool(French Language)
-Newsweek Mexico (Spanish Language) 
-Muse (Arts and Science)
-Faces (World Culture and Travel)

You do not need to login to use Flipster on a computer at school. 
To read magazines off campus, find the login information here.  

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Get the Flipster app!

Download the Flipster app from Self-Service.


Enter the school's user id and password.  (See above.)

These instructions only need to be done the first time.  

The app is also available for iPhones and androids. 
Get it from your app store and log in the same way.

Flipster LibGuide (Information and Tutorials)

Request magazines to add to the collection 

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