Grade 8 CSL


PEATclubGrade 8 students at Pollard Middle School all participate in a Community Service Learning (CSL) Program. The program is implemented over the course of the eight grade year and requires students to complete a CSL Portfolio based on research, active community service, reflection, and writing. The goal is to reinforce for students the importance of being active citizens who commit time and energy to “help make our world a better place.”

Students have the option to engage in service on a local, national or international level. They consider areas of personal interest in the realm of humanitarian and social justice work, and elect a specific social issue and an organization or project in which to base their service work.

Using a multi-step process (see CSL Portfolio for details) to help structure the community service learning experience, students begin by considering their own interests, values and priorities, select an organization to which they contribute a minimum of six hours of service, and ultimately reflect on the value of their contribution, and their learning and personal growth through the project.

The hope is that students have a meaningful and memorable experience thus seeding interest and commitment for long term involvement in efforts and initiatives to “make a difference” in the world.

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Contact Information

For further information please contact 8th grade administrator, Merle Berman at

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