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Pollard Main Number:  781-455-0480
Nurse Fax Number:  1-833-296-7392

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Overnight Field Trip Form

Allergy Action Plan

Medication Permission Form and Parental Letter

Physician Authorization for Medication in School


Key Information to Communicate to the School Nurses:

Parents/guardians are encouraged to call the School Nurse any time they have questions, or concerns and specifically for the following reasons:

* A new medical diagnosis, or a change in your child’s health status

* A newly prescribed medication even if it not going to be administered at school

* A change in a current medication, again even if this medication is not going to be administered at school

* A serious injury, illness, hospitalization or upcoming surgery

* A fracture, sprain, stitches, or a cast

* A contagious disease such as, chicken pox, flu, strep throat, whooping cough

* If your child is absent for an extended period of time

* If there are any recent changes in your family that may affect your child; such as, a birth, recent loss, or sudden illness

When to keep your child at Home

  • A communicable disease
  • Fever greater than 100.4 within the past 24 hours
  • Vomiting/diarrhea in the past 24 hours
  • Pain that requires the use of narcotic medications
  • An upper respiratory illness with significant coughing and/or nasal discharge

Participation in Physical Education

When it is necessary to excuse your child from Physical Education, due to an illness or injury, written documentation is required from your child’s physician. ~Written documentation is also required to resume participation in Physical Education.

Emergency Contacts

In the event that a parent/guardian needs to be reached in an emergency situation, it’s essential for the School Nurse to have the information that’s contained in the emergency card filled out completely. ~All contact numbers (cell phone, work phone, beeper) that are provided to the School Nurse need to be kept up to date.

Health Insurance Coverage

Massachusetts offers free or low-cost health and dental insurance for school age children. ~No child in Massachusetts should be without access to a primary care provider. ~Should you have any questions, or need any information about health insurance coverage, speak with your child’s School Nurse.

Medication Administration in the School Setting

Medication Policy

The Needham Public Schools Medication Policy complies with state guidelines for medication administration and has been put in place to provide for the health and safety of students requiring medication administration during the school day. The following statements highlight the main points of the policy. ~The entire policy is available for review in each school health office.

The school nurse is responsible for the administration of all medication, as required by Massachusetts General Law, Chapter 94C. ~She may delegate this task to other trained personnel, who may administer the medication under the direct, or indirect supervision of the nurse. ~When a child needs a medication during the school day, we ask that parents/guardians please act promptly to follow this policy, so that the medicine can be administered as soon as possible.

The medication permission form must be completed in ink and be on file in the Health Office before any medication is administered.

* All medications , prescription or over the counter medications, require a physician’s order and completed parental permission form, or the medication cannot be given.

* All medication orders expire at the end of the school year. ~Medication orders must be renewed at the beginning of each school year.

* Non-prescription medication (over-the-counter) will be handled the same as prescription medication.

* Whenever possible, medication administration should be scheduled at times other than during school hours.

* All medication must be delivered to the Health Office by the student’s parent/guardian, or a designated adult. ~Students are not permitted to bring medications to school.

* Only a thirty (30) day supply of medication will be accepted at any time.

* All medication must be delivered in a correctly labeled pharmacy or manufacturer’s medication container. ~(Medications are not accepted in containers such as plastic bags.)

* The pharmacy-labeled container can be used in lieu of a physician’s order only in the case of short-term medications, i.e., those medications to be given for ten (10) school days or less. If the school nurse has a question about the medication, she may request a licensed prescriber’s order.

* Self-medication can be allowed under certain circumstances, after consultation with the school nurse. ~Unless authorized in writing by the school nurse, all medications to be self-administered must be kept in the nurse’s office.

* If a medication needs to be given during a school sponsored event such as a field trip, the school nurse must be contacted in advance, in order to allow time to make special arrangements, prior to the outing.

* A parent may retrieve the medicine from the school at any time.

* All medications must be picked up by a parent/guardian, before the close of the school year. ~Any medications that are not picked up by the close of school will be destroyed.



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